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Come Forth As Gold

1945. World War II has come to an end. But the battle for a young boy’s future is just beginning.

The small, dusty town of Goldfield, Nevada, is all that thirteen-year-old Claude Fisher has ever known. The youngest of three brothers, he spends his days running wild across the desert with his best friend and neighbor, Kitty Ralph. Despite Kitty’s tumultuous home life, they are happy and carefree. Life stretches before them like the flat plains of the desert they call home.

On the cusp of young adulthood, Claude is convinced that their friendship will someday turn into more. But one tranquil autumn evening, tragedy strikes, and suddenly Claude is left holding the pieces of a broken life.  

Stripped of his best friend, Claude’s faith in the God he was raised to trust is shattered. As he navigates a future he didn’t expect, Claude wrestles to make sense of it all. Why does a sovereign God permit tragedy to happen? Is the sinner worthy of forgiveness? And will he ever find hope again after losing the girl he loved?

A sweeping tale of love, loss, and the renewal of faith in the face of tragedy.


Come Forth As Gold by Erica Dansereau

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