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Dear Mamas

Laundry can wait to be folded

Your books can wait to be read

Dishes can wait to be rinsed

But their souls can’t wait to be fed

Little hands can’t wait to be held

Adventure can’t wait to be found

For they’re only little a little while

So mama, don’t lose any ground

Keep your eyes on the Shepherd

And tuck away within their hearts

The foundation on which they’ll stand

When the enemy shoots his darts

Invest in them, sweet mama

If it’s the only thing you do

It’s no surprise their little eyes

Are constantly watching you

Their source of truth and wisdom

From you, what do they glean?

Light and love and hope and faith

Or nothing in between?

Your children are a heritage, 

Don’t let the world lead you astray

Because, you, yes you were chosen

To light their paths and lead the way.

Deuteronomy 6:7

Psalm 127:3

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