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Freedom (Poem by Erica Dansereau)

“Come on,” the enemy whispers.“No pitchfork, no horns. See?I’m not as bad as they say,I promise you can trust me.I’ll show you what you’re missing:Luxury, glory, and fame,Everything your heart desires,With me, it’s all fair game.My motto goes like this,Simply put: You do you.But if you’d like it another way,‘Do what thou wilt’ works too.After… Continue reading Freedom (Poem by Erica Dansereau)

Poetry, musings, and rambles

A daughter’s prayer

Grow me, strong and firm, as the hardy oak tree stands Mold me, soft and gentle, as the clay inside Your hands Bridle me, sober and discreet, as the dead broke horse Raise me, sure and mighty, as the waves that crash with force Sand me, smooth and even, as the timber in my room… Continue reading A daughter’s prayer

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We Are Iron (Poem by Erica Dansereau)

We are iron Our strength bridges mountains Together, in the heat That rains upon us from a summer sky We are unstoppable, that is Until the fever subsides and Clears your head The sustenance that maintains my blood Has tainted it now all the same As you leave me to stand alone The season moves… Continue reading We Are Iron (Poem by Erica Dansereau)