Poetry, musings, and rambles

Make life better.

“The good we do is never lost, it never dies. In other people, in other places, in other times – the good we do lives on forever.” – Matthew Kelly

We live in a culture with skewed values – a world which praises the vain and disregards the selfless, a society that encourages the corrupt and denigrates the virtuous. Getting caught up in that hype is far too easy. It’s easy to invalidate other people’s feelings or beliefs. It’s easy to put your own needs ahead of another. It’s easy to develop avarice habits.

We as human beings have the capability of doing anything – absolutely anything – that we choose, yet much of our time and energy is focused towards caustic behavior. Can you imagine how differently the world would look if our sole purpose was for the greater good of each other? Can you imagine the accomplishments we could achieve and the lengths we could travel if we all focused on building each other up, rather than tearing each other down? If our values were centered on kindness and love, rather than power and greed? If we did not judge others by their outward appearance, but rather what is on the inside?

I don’t care what you look like, what race you are, how much money you have, or what brand of clothes you wear, because none of those things matter. What matters is the type of person you are and what impact you are choosing to make on this world.

If you were to die today, how would people remember you? What type of impact would you have left on this world? Would you leave a positive mark, or a negative one? I dare you to ask yourself this question and be honest with your answer. I dare you to believe that you are here for a purpose, which is to make this world a better place. How are you going to accomplish that?

You have the potential, on both small and large scales, to make life better. Whether it is for one person or for the entire world, better is better.

Make a difference. Be good. Spread love. Change the world. Make life better.

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