Poetry, musings, and rambles


Mother: The direct vessel through which all life exits the transcendental world and enters the physical; The axis upon which all things requiring love, protection, and nurturing spin; The roots from which new life stems and grows.

It isn’t a role to be taken lightly, nor is it one to take for granted. Prior to becoming one myself, I don’t think I truly appreciated or understood what it means to be a mom. Needless to say, a newly found and deepened respect for all moms out there, especially my own, has formed within me.

After I announced my pregnancy, I found that many of my friends or family members with children of their own, had a similar thing to say: “Congratulations! Being a parent is the best, yet most challenging thing you’ll ever do!” I was appalled. Challenging? That’s the word they chose to describe their bundle of joy? It sounded like an insult and a complaint. But then I became a mother.

For all the nights when my little babe joins the nocturnal world and refuses to sleep… For all the days when the house is a mess, but the only thing I can accomplish is keeping my child alive… For all the times when I don’t feel human anymore, but a zombie in desperate need of a shower…

The challenge, I get it now.

But then my sweet boy cracks a smile or makes a new sound I haven’t yet heard, and suddenly, everything else becomes irrelevant. To witness his happiness and to watch him thrive is the most joy I have ever known. As with anything in life, you can’t fully appreciate the reward without the challenge.

Today, in a new light, I celebrate the tiers of motherhood. To my own mommy, I thank you for carrying me in your womb and for the sacrifices you made throughout my life. My love and gratitude to you only continues to grow. To my son, whose innocence and purity give me hope, I thank you for being my child. I will give you the greatest life possible.

To God, I thank you for entrusting me with another’s life, the precious soul who is Leo. I won’t let you down. I promise.

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